12 foot Snake Skin Found in the Heartland

12 foot Snake Skin Found in the Heartland
By:  Ryan Tate
Ironton, MO - When Roxanna Jones began cleaning a house back in July, she never thought she would find a snake skin, let alone one more than 12 feet long.
But that is what happened.
"I thought it was cool when I found it," Jones said. "I like snakes."
Jones took the snake to school and showed it to friends and teachers, hoping to find out what kind of snake it belonged to.  She eventually took it to Julie Bales' classroom, a 6th grade science teacher at Arcadia Valley.
"As soon as we pulled it out of the bag we got lots of 'oohs and ahhs,'" Bales said.
The science teacher then began trying to figure out what kind of snake it is.  "After looking at the coloration, the pattern on it and the size, I figure it belonged to a Burmese Python," Bales said.
According to an expert at the Missouri Department of Conservation, the snake is not indigenous to the Heartland. It was probably brought in as a pet and later released.  Iron County Sheriff Allen Mathes said his investigators went out looking for the snake last week. He tells Heartland News he considers this an active investigation until he hears otherwise.