Cover Story: Fight With Tumor Puts Local Mom on Page 1

A Heartland woman is about to be front-page news nationwide, for good reason! She'll be featured in the December issue of Good Housekeeping, talking about her family, and her fight against cancer. Merrily Rinehart is a busy mom, chasing after four young kids. But a year ago, everything came to a screeching stop, with two words, brain tumor.

Merrily says, "I'm here today, I'm alive. Each day I'm here I thank God." Each day that passes brings something new for Merrily Rinehart and her family. Her one year old triplets Sam, Jack, and Clay, and 2 and a half year old Katelyn keep Merrily and her family on their toes. Things are always busy around the Rinehart house, but last November Merrily noticed something was very wrong. "If you asked me to read something or write something I knew what I wanted to write I just couldn't write it," Merrily says. She also couldn't identify objects. Right before Thanksgiving things got worse. She had a horrible headache and was nauseous, so she went to the doctor. Soon after, she found out she had a golf-ball size tumor on her brain.

On November 29th, with a one and half year old daughter and five week old triplets at home, Merrily and her husband went to St. Louis for her surgery. Merrily says, "When I woke up talking and moving everything it was just a miracle. I remember one of the doctors laughing, saying I can't believe you're talking, I can't believe you know where you're at." Neither could the higher ups at Barnes Hospital. That's why they called Good Housekeeping who came to Jackson in August to the story. Merrily keeps fighting, through the chemo, which she still has to do by taking a pill. It's been almost a year since her surgery, and many more years will have to pass before her children know why their mom's in Good Housekeeping. It's a story Merrily wants to be around to tell. "I think, you know when you ask god for something, and you shall receive? I've received in abundance, I really have," Merrily says. Merrily's issue of Good Housekeeping is already on the shelves in St Louis, her family up there got her a copy. It'll be available here in the Heartland, sometime this week.