Hate Crime Beating

Hate Crime Beating
By: Wes Wallace
CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --It's being called a hate crime, but words can't truly describe a vicious attack.  It happened over the weekend, when two teenagers beat another team, who happens to be physically disabled.
"I woke up from feeling the hit, hitting the ground, and I came to when I heard tires squalling," recalls Michael Williams.
Williams says he and a friend heard a car making noise out in the parking lot, so they went outside to take a look around.
"I saw two guys, they yelled at me, and then it happened," says Williams.  What happened next is simply unthinkable.  "They hit me, and then they took my prosthetic leg off and proceeded to throw it at me."
The teens took off, but not before Williams and his friend got a description and the license plate number.  Several hours later officers with the Cape Girardeau Police Department caught the pair.  17-year old Alexander Harris was charged with third degree assault, a felony and a hate crime.  A 16-year old was placed in juvenile detention.
"They were making fun of his disability, so they knew he was disabled, it appeared to be the motivating factor, and took advantage by assaulting him," says Jason Selzer with the Cape Girardeau Police Department.
Williams says he's pleased his attackers will be punished, but is surprised it happened in the first place.  "It's weird they would choose me because of my arm and leg, which I think is really mean.  I can't help what other people decide to do."