Caruthersville Kidnapping

Caruthersville Kidnapping
By: CJ Cassidy

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO --A 911 call leads to a Caruthersville man's arrest, and uncovers a sordid tale of drugs, weapons, even child pornography.
The victim: a teenager, claims 34-year old Devin Wilson kidnapped her in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
When Wilson left her alone Saturday night, the victim says, she made that frantic call for help, and a quick thinking dispatcher answered.
"She was crying, screaming, and very upset," Pemiscot County Dispatcher Dorothy Hale says. She and her partner sensed the caller appeared to be in real danger.
"We get a lot of calls we deal with that turn out to be not a real kidnapping," she explains.
Court documents detail what officers found inside Devin Wilson's home. In addition to a pistol and drug residue, police also seized a cell phone with nude pictures of the teen on it. Video on the phone also allegedly showed Wilson engaging in sex acts with the teen. The teen also claims Wilson forced her to engage in sex acts with another woman.
A mother herself, Dorothy Hale shudders to think of what might have been.
"She's safe now. She'll be back with her family and the suspect is in custody," Hale says.
It's the kind of happy ending Hale's co-workers say they seldom get to brag about.
"That just proves how important our job is. Some people may look at it as answering the phone or sending an officer, but she got that child out of harms way," Sarah Scantling says.
Hale calls it all in a day's work, and looks forward to answering the next call that comes her way.
Devin Wilson sits behind bars in the Pemiscot County Jail facing charges for sexual exploitation of a minor, statutory rape, and drug possession.