Cut College Costs

Cut College Costs
By: Tiffany Sisson

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --It seems like college costs are going through the roof. Right now, the average debt of a student, finishing college, is almost $20,000. But by keeping cost down and maximizing financial aid, you can graduate without majoring in college debt.
  • First, ask about fee waivers. Applying to college, taking standardized test, and having test scores sent to schools can add up. If you're strapped for cash, don't be ashamed to ask to get those fees waived.
  • Apply for financial aid, even if you think you won't get it. Use FastWeb's scholarship search to help you find awards. Then, apply for them!
  • Search for free money! Every little bit helps, from the local groups that give five hundred dollars, to large organizations, they're looking for people like you to give their money to. Help them find you.
  • Complete some of your credits at a lower-cost school. Get those general education requirements out of the way at a community college. We have a number of them in our area from Three Rivers, to John A. Logan to Paducah's community college. The key is making sure those credits will transfer first!
  • You'll save a lot in tuition by earning college credits while you're still in high school. Take advanced placement courses, or think about taking courses at a community college to get a head start on your college career.
  • Ask about application fee waivers
  • Apply for financial aid
  • Search for free money
  • Complete some of your credits at a lower-cost school
  • Get to know the financial aid officer at your college
  • Look for ways to pay in-state tuition
  • Accumulate credits before college
  • Combine degrees to save time and money
  • Live at home during college
  • Apply for "life experience" credit

Source:  FastWeb