I-57 Crash Causes Labor Day Travel Delays

I-57 Crash Causes Labor Day Travel Delays
By:  Carly Okeefe
Union County - Bent and broken guard rails, tire marks,and grooves in the pavement tell the story of a semi's collision course that left a trail of damage the length of a football field on Interstate 57.
Police say just after midnight a semi truck hauling 50-thousand pounds of bananas for some unknown reason swerved off the roadway and hit an interstate guardrail just south of the Anna exit on Interstate 57.
The semi smashed along a concrete bridge eventually coming to rest on its side.
"The truck's destroyed the trailer's destroyed, it's a mess," said Illinois State Police Lt. Mike Hooks.
The driver had some minor injuries, but the crash closed part of Interstate 57 just as Labor Day weekend traffic began.
Now Illinois State Police are looking at not only the crash scene but also a paper trail to learn why this truck lost control.
"The hours in his log book lists how long it took to get to this location, the mileage and the time that's listed are impossible," said Hooks.
Trucker log books keep track of a trucker's mileage and how long it takes to get from point ‘A' to point ‘B'. It also records how long a driver takes a break from the road.
"The main reason is to keep drivers from falling asleep at the wheel," said Hooks.
"There's 14 hours a day you can work, anything over 14 you're supposed to cut it off and go to the motel," said truck driver Duke Lainhart.
Lainhart says he sticks strictly to his log book.
"If I get out here and run out of hours, I go to bed," said Lainhart.
That is something he hopes fellow truckers do as well, to ensure the highways stay safe.
"Get your rest. You get tired, find a place to sleep, a ramp, anything, it's not worth getting hurt out here," said Lainhart.
Illinois Department of Transportation road crews can't even start to repair the damage to the roadway until after the Labor Day holiday. Motorists are advised to use caution near the crash site, but all lanes of Interstate 57 are now open to traffic.