Marriage Can Make Women Fatter

Marriage Can Make Women Fatter
By: Erica Byfield
PADUCAH, KY --Could marriage mar your health? Recent studies in the United States and England suggest it could!
It's the day little girls dream of and the one where men vow to give them the world.  
"I was 19 she was 16," when couples like Maryland and Jerry Tracy commitment to sticking it out through thick and thin, literally!
"He was 29, 29 and I was like, I don't want to say," said Maryland. 
In their fifty years of marriage they both agree they changed physically, but it's still up for debate which partner put on the most weight.
"I think the men gain more," added Maryland. 
Jerry said he's not going there, but admits he's aged well, "I am a lot better looking than I was then."
According to recent reports released in the US and over seas men to slim down when they get hitched and women seem to go up a dress size or two.
"We've both gained weight," Bob and Carol Olson just celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary and say getting into the weight issue can get you into trouble.
But through the test of time, Bobs learned a lesson he'd like to share, "if you always say yes honey you'll get along just fine."
And Chuck and Berit Thomas tell me the test of their martial success comes with this adage, "if you diet, diet together it works."
All in all, these three couples say a slight weight gain is worth it, if it means more time with the person they love.
"I have to agree she looks pretty nice because she's the one that cooks the meals and I don't look like I'm missing meals," said Jerry Tracy.   
Recent studies suggest men eat healthier food after marriage, like fruits and vegetables
While women tend to increase their fat and sugar intake, which can leads to the bulge.