Crest White Strips Part II

Crest White Strips is one of our most-requested products yet. It all started two weeks ago, when our volunteer learned how to use the strips. The product promises noticeably whiter teeth in just 14 days -- so it's time to check back in, and give our grade for crest white strips.

Pam Simpson is our brave volunteer, who's not too shy to show her smile! We start by looking at her smile before she used crest white strips. Her teeth already look pretty nice. But, like many of us, Pam wanted to sparkle things up a bit. So she faithfully used the white strips twice a day, as instructed, for two weeks. Makers recommend you start with your upper row of teeth, wait until they're finished, then do your lower row.

"It was easy to use," says Pam. "I used them while I took a shower and got ready for work. Then, when I got home, I put the second strip in. No problems."

The best way to see if it worked is to compare before and after pictures.

"I see a difference," Pam adds. "I think they really made my teeth whiter."

Amy Jacquin can see an improvement, too, especially when comparing Pam's upper row to her bottom row of teeth.

"I plan to buy another box and re-do it every six months," says Pam, as she explains how satisfied she is with the results.

Several viewers called in to let Amy know their results, and it's a real mixed bag. Some swear by the home-whitening kit. Others asked for a refund! Amy concludes it's one of those products that do work, for certain people, depending on the teeth enamel and stains. But it won't work for everyone.

You shouldn't have any trouble finding the $38 dollar box, it's sold in most department stores. And so far, Crest has been very good at honoring it's money-back guarantee if you don't see results. So there's not much risk involved in trying the product.

So based on Pam's positive test and other feedback, Amy gives Crest White Strips a 'B'.