Sweep 'n' Mop: Does it Work?

Sweep 'n' Mop: Does It Work?
By: Lauren Keith

The Sweep 'n' Mop claims it can pick up anything off your floor, while Terry Deason sells flooring in Benton, Missouri.  He'll help us out with this week's test. First, we assemble the two Sweep 'n' Mops. Then, we wet the mop. The directions say to soak it for a few minutes before using it. Next, Terry pours some soda onto the floor. It picks it up just fine. However, both Terry and I notice this Sweep 'n' Mop seems to flop around a lot, making me worry the metal attachment might scratch the floor!  So, the Sweep 'n' Mop mops, but does it sweep?
I scatter some dry cereal onto this ceramic tile. We'll see if it lives up to the claim in the commercial.  It does pick up the cereal, but it also won't let it go! The cereal clings to the Sweep n Mop, even after I wring it out. I'm putting a dirty mop back onto the floor! I guess you could rinse it off each time, like in the commercial, but the sink isn't nearby, and I like to use mop buckets.  Plus, this mop flops around, too.  Keep in mind, when we started our pile of cereal was only about the width of one of these tiles. Now, we're mopping all the way out to the carpet!
"It mops, but it doesn't sweep," says Terry.
Plus, listen to this. I'll admit the deal--two mops for $10-- lured me into buying the Sweep n Mop, but the final price tag shocked me! I paid $30.50 total--- that's right--- three times the cost of this product! Here's why: The company charges you shipping and handling for each mop. So I got billed about ten bucks each for each mop. The shipping cost more than the mops themselves! I'll admit though, when I listened closely to the commerical there is a very quick warning. Still, I'm not impressed with the results nor the misconceiving price. Neither is Terry.
"I wouldn't give it above an F. I wouldn't waste my time nor money," says Terry.
We both think if you had a spill to clean up, the Sweep 'n' Mop would not be the quickest remedy.  In this case, we finished our cleaning job by going back to the old way of doing things, with a separate broom and a mop!
That said, the Sweep 'n' Mop can soak up one big failing grade. It gets an F!