Bubba Needs a New Home

Bubba Needs a New Home
By: Holly Brantley

THEBES, IL --For military families, one of the hardest thigns is leaving behind friends and family. But, imagine going away and never knowing what happened to them.

For the Styer family of Thebes, that friend is Bubba. bubba is a young Aussie and Lab mix. To the family, he's more than a dog. He's a protector and a playmate.
Sgt. Rod Styer just re-enlisted for a second term in the military. The family isn't sure exactly where they'll end up. But, chances are they are headed to Germany. And, that means Bubba will have to stay behind.
Dad is already preparing to leave and the Styer's are about to close on their house. So, time is running out to find a good home for this active fun loving dog.
"He's my best buddy," said 9-year old Cameron Styer. "He's fun to play with."
The Styer's say Bubba is super smart and easy to train. He needs a place with a big yard, and lots of space to run!
They think he might be a good farm dog, or hunting dog.
If you are interested in adopting Bubba, email the Styer's for more information.