Heartland Housing Market In Buyers Favor

Heartland Housing Market in Buyers Favor
By: Crystal Britt

JACKSON, MO --It can be a nightmare...as you wait and wait and wait for that house to sell. The bad news, it seems the housing boom is over.  It's definitely a buyers market, and buyers are being picky. Sales of new homes are down fell 4.3% in July. But, some Heartland realtors say there's really nothing to be afraid of.
Julia Rupke wants to sell her house. Her home in rural Jackson's been on the market for about three months. "It's been stressful sometimes. You have to keep your house clean, all the time...24/7", said Rupke. That on top of multiple improvement projects.  She said, "Wallpaper needed sprucing up, the front door need refinishing." Adding to her stress, the housing market's in a slump.
It truly is a buyers market especially at this time of year. "August is always a little slower month. Parents are concerned about back to school and that's what they're focusing on", said Debbie Jennings from ReMax Achievers.
Jennings tells her clients like Julia Rupke to expect your house to be on the market at least four months, and don't expect it to sell as is. Jennings says, "You can not have your house too clean. De-clutter, make it appealing, get that curb appeal." And , she says buyers...do your homework. "They need to be pre-approved, have that already done so they can walk in and say this the house I want."
Jennings says people shouldn't be afraid to put their home on the market, or start house hunting. She says the housing market here in the Heartland is much better than the national trend. "It's a good time for buyers to buy." And, homeowners like Rupke are optimistic.  "It'll take that special someone to come out and fall in love with the house the way we did", said Rupke.
One concern was high interest rates. But, long-term mortgage rates just fell for the fifth straight week. A 30 year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 6.48% this week. It's the lowest since April.