Retirement Community Burglarized

Retirement Community Burglarized
By:  CJ Cassidy

A series of burglaries shatters the peace at a quiet retirement community.
It happened in broad daylight Sunday afternoon, during Chateau Girardeau's lunch hour.
Now police hope someone recognizes the woman from surveillance video taken
off video cameras inside.
Interestingly enough, some residents at the retirement community were burglarized two years ago by a suspect fitting the same exact description and they want to make sure it never happens again.
Video shows the woman wandering the hallways of Chateau Girardeau, peeking cautiously out of doorways after entering resident's apartments.
But she didn't go quite so unnoticed at Mary Jo Moxey's apartment.
"When I came out here, here's this woman standing here," Moxey says.
Most women would feel uncomfortable having someone dig through your purse, but when Moxey came across the stranger looking through her things, she wasn't sure what to think.
"She said I found this purse out here in the hall. I said you did? And I thought, people my age forget things, so I didn't know if I had taken it downstairs or not," Moxey recalls.
The intruder also paid a less than welcome visit to Tom Young's home.
"I was sound asleep in here they got me good," he said.
Young says the suspect stole about $ 70.00. Chateau Girardeau employees say she also made off with more cash and jewelry at other apartments.
"Anybody that preys on the elderly shouldn't be on the streets," Frank Soltys, CEO of Chateau Girardeau says.
"Instead of $ 4.00 in my billfold if I had had big bills, she might have conked me on the head with her big purse and left," Moxey says with a shudder.
The suspect also bumped into a younger employee in the hallways.
He thought she was just visiting someone, so he didn't anything of it.
Now workers ask residents to remember to keep their doors locked at all times.
If you have any information call the Cape Girardeau Police Department at (573) 335-6621.