Nursing home employees picket workplace

Nursing home employees picket workplace
By: Arnold Wyrick
Herrin, IL - The Shawnee Christian Nursing Center in Herrin, Illinois was speckled with former employees picketing over their concerns of alleged abuse of residents, on Tuesday.
The informational picket got underway shortly after 10:30 in the morning.
Those on the picket line say they were fired after they reported the wrongdoings of other employees, to the management.
"These are all the same people that had voiced concerns about different issues in the building, neglect, abuse and so forth," says Clyde Parker former Director of Environmental Services for the home.
"I was reporting to the administrator some very pertinent information about an employee that has a back injury.  And she was working, and she was having other people do her work.  I was giving that to him and he resented that," Parker said.
For Marilyn Serena she says, she was fired for simply doing her job.
"I was trying to do the right thing for the lady.  She'd got sick and vomited.  And I figured instead of taking her gown and wiping it all over her face, I was pulling it over her head.  The Director of Nursing said I was being mean to the lady, they let me go.  I've been working here 10 years and it's hard," Serena said.
But according to John Capes, the CEO & Senior Vice President of Christian Homes Inc. the former employees are simply not telling the truth.
"We have the Illinois Department of Health rules.  And we have our own policies and procedures about reporting.  And the response that is required from reporting.  And we follow that to the best of our ability.  It's just simply not true that anybody was terminated for reporting abuse," Capes said.
So far 20 employees have left the center, of which Capes says he's only fired a couple of them.
The others left on their own.
"We do a regular residence satisfactory survey here, they come back very positive," Capes said.