One Touch Can Opener - Does it Work, the Second Time?

One Touch Can Opener - Does it Work, the Second Time?
By: Lauren Keith
The first time I tested the One Touch Can Opener, it absolutely failed!
This effortless self-opening can completely stopped cutting right in the middle of the process, and never restarted.  I predicted it might be a defunct product, and asked Heartland News viewers to show me a One Touch that does work.  Judy Bess of Cape Girardeau emailed me right away and took on the Does it Work challenge!
"I think it's a really good product," says Bess.
Oh really? I hope she's right, but the One Touch I ordered is horrible! So, Judy--- bring it on!
Now it is two against one this time around. I brought along LaVerne Fiehler, who helped me test the can opener the first time.   On the second round, we once again, use a can with a perfect lid - no dents - just like the directions say.
Judy places the One Touch on top of the can, as we anxiously await the results! It didn't take long to see Judy's can opener works perfectly. However, we're not done just yet. 
I ask Judy to see if she can get my original can opener to work. Sure enough, she can't get it to start at all, even with brand new batteries.  So, I was right.  My can opener must be defective. Judy and I both think the starter button and the motor are defective on my can opener.
There's just one more thing I'm curious about.  In the TV commercial, the One Touch claims to leave perfect, smooth edges that don't even pop a balloon.
Judy and I give it a try, and once again, the One Touch lives up to its claim. It didn't pop our balloon.
Okay, so the One Touch really does open cans with the press of the button, leaving smooth corners, but is it a perfect product?
"If you have a can with a lot of liquid in it, it might spill over," she says.
That's why Judy puts a napkin underneath it.  Now it's time to hand out a final grade.
"I would give mine an A. I'd still give your's an F!" says Judy.
"It worked fine today. There are good ones and there are lemons.  And we got the lemon the first time!" says LaVerne Fiehler. 
There's no denying it. This One Touch can opener aces the Does it Work test.  It gets an A minus.  The minus because I can't forget all the frustration it caused the first time.
Judy also points out you might want to order your One Touch from a catalog or off the internet, rather than the TV commercial. She says the shipping and handling is more expensive off the television ad.
I also second that, but for a different reason.  Remember, my One Touch took an exact month to get here. Judy ordered her's by internet and got it in a week!  Also, I'm still waiting to see if I can get the "Money Back Guarantee" made in the claim on my malfunctioning One Touch.