River's Edge Film Festival rolls into Paducah

River's Edge Film Festival rolls into Paducah
By: Erica Byfield

Paducah, KY - If the rain puts a damper on your outdoor plans you may want to move indoors and head to the movies.

The Rivers Edge Film Festival in Paducah place to go and you won't need your passport to get overseas. 
"The same format of good evil, love interest... love wins in the end sometimes you don't get answers," said avid movie goer Mary Lamble.
The flicks at the festival can take you to "Spain, Ireland, Switzerland we have a beautiful film from japan that's part of the animation and experimentation series," said Paul Lornez the Chairman of the Selection Committee. 
Lornez and his colleagues brought this festival to life, and in it's second year, he thinks comments like this prove this event is a success.
"It's much more exciting than regular Hollywood films," added Lamble. 
"You don't see that and it and it's a whole different slant on culture and civilization and on how other people are so I like the global ones," mentioned Ann Farley on her way to see Curtain Call.   
Lornez adds getting a chance to see these movies is a once in a lifetime event, "these are all independent films, this is probably the only time you'll get to see them at all."
More than 200 film makers submitted their movies for this years festival and leaders only selected 44 of them.
That is nearly double the entries they got in 2005.