Kennett native Trent Tomlinson is making it big

Kennett native Trent Tomlinson is making it big
By: Crystal Britt
He's living a dream.
"I've always loved music, and the truth is I don't have a choice in life. This is what I was born and meant to do", said 30-year-old Trent Tomlinson.
Growing up in Kennett, Missouri Trent Tomlinson always knew music was in his blood. At age 18 he moved to Nashville and starting writing songs. "Persistence meets preparation, and that's what I did...kept plugging, kept plugging, and it paid off", said Trent.  
Trent landed his first record deal about two years ago, and now he's keeping up with a wild tour schedule. "It's pretty crazy, not much time for rest." He's hitting just about every fair and festival across the Midwest. "I'm here to party, here for Trent", said fan Christopher Swallow. At every stop Trent makes time for his fans. "Trent is just a down to earth kind of guy and I love his music and the kind of guy he is", said Swallow. Fan Amanda Kaleekamp says, "I like his songs, his personality, everything about him."
Trent tells Heartland news reporter Crystal Britt, "You know, it's so funny when they say party like a rock star, it should be party like a country star. If you listen to my records there's a lot of drinking songs, party songs and good times. Don't get me wrong I'm a good time kind of guy, for sure." But, he says there's a softer side. "I'm a spiritual guy, and I have the ability to love you, not just walk away." 
Trent's not your typical country music singer. "I don't wear Wranglers and cowboy boots, and a hat, but I don't think you need to wear that stuff to be a country music singer, or be country." Fan Chris Kaleekamp says, "I love his music. He's just down to earth, makes sense to me." And, the number one question. Is he single?  Trent says, "I'm single, and lookin." He's lookin for someone willing to head down this wild road of success, which of course will be a party.