Mt. Vernon woman brutally beaten to death

Mt. Vernon woman brutally beaten to death
By: Arnold Wyrick
Mt. Vernon, IL - An argument in a home on South 15th Street in Mount Vernon, Tuesday night ended with one woman losing her life.  Police say they found 53-year-old Sheila Monaghan laying in her living room floor bludgeoned to death.
Monaghan's friends say the troubles began shortly after Sheila, and her husband opened the doors of their home to 39-year-old Jeffrey Stencil.
"He wouldn't even take out the trash here.  I come over the other day and all he does is sit.  And the reason that this really happened, I think was because she was making him leave.  And find his own place to live," says John Young of Mt. Vernon.
"It's just a shame.  She's only a little bitty thing, she doesn't weigh but ninety pounds.  He didn't need a hammer to beat her up," Young said.
Police caught up to Stencil within minutes of the alleged brutal beating of Sheila.
"There was an individual who called the police department,  from a nearby grocery store reporting that he had killed another person.  The officers responded to the grocery store and found the individual who made the call.  He then told officers that he had killed a woman in the 500 block of South 15th Street," says Captain Steve Lamar with the Mt. Vernon Police Department.
Officers found Monaghan laying right where Stencil told them they'd find her, in her living room floor.
"It's very unusual.  In fact it's so unusual I cannot remember ever anyone for many, many years calling and saying that they had killed someone," Capt. Lamar said.
Now Monaghan's friends can only hold onto the memory of the woman who they say was so kind hearted.
"She was my best friend.  if she was going to die she should have died another way.  But not getting hit in the head with a hammer.  I told her I didn't like him living here with them, that he was no good.  And now she's dead," says Vickie Young of Mt.  Vernon.
Police arrested Stencil immediately at the grocery store and charged him with First Degree Murder.  On Wednesday a judge set Stencil's bond at $5,000,000.  He remains behind bars in the Jefferson County Jail, awaiting his next court appearance, a pre-liminary hearing, scheduled for August 30th.