Cairo sign sparks silent controversy

Cairo sign sparks silent controversy
By: Erica Byfield

Cairo, IL - We're used to heated political debates on TV and the radio.

But that's not the method one Southern Illinois man is taking to move his community, he's using silence and a 30 foot sign.
It's a signs that makes you do a double take!  First, because of the message, and secondly what do the numbers mean?
"That's a countdown to the primary election," said lifelong Cairo resident Frank McGinness.  He's the author and the mastermind behind this sign he changes daily, "I've been in business 56 years and I've never seen anything like the last three years."
McGinness is referring to Cairo's troubled past, with the current mayor not getting along with the city council, and a city, some say, it barely functioning.
"It's broken people apart... friends, neighbors, relatives and it's got to stop we've got to rebuild our community," added McGinness. 
So far his message is getting attention and reaction in town," we need some change." said resident Walter Richards.
"I can't go back to city hall and voice my opinion as a person in the community a business man in the community so I do it with my sign," declared McGinness and no matter what happen she's going to change the numbers on this sign everyday because he wants change.
He said if it isn't by the primary election in April then the general.