Dryer Max Lint Removal Kit

Does it Work Wednesday
Dryer Max Lint Removal Kit

By: Lauren Keith
The Dryer Max Lint Removal Kit claims it can pull out lint from places in your dryer you can't reach by hand, possibly even saving you from major appliance repairs. Sgt. Rick Schmidt with the Cape Girardeau police department helps me out on this test.
"Pretty clean to start with," says Rick.
But after we look further down into the actual dryer, both he and I notice the standard lint tray really doesn't help empty all the lint in this dryer.
"It doesn't take long to see there's going to be some goo in there," predicts Rick.
Rick starts using the first brush in the Dryer Max Lint Removal kit. The directions say to twist the brush back and forth. It immediately starts pulling out more lint, but you might want to empty this brush outside, or prepare to vacuum.
Speaking of vacuuming, the second attachment uses your vacuum to suck out remaining lint.
"Wow, that seemed to get a lot out of there!" says Rick.
He also thinks it's easy to use.
"When you empty it from the tray, it only goes so far, but when I use the vacuum attachment, I was actually going all the way to the bottom of the dryer," he says.

We're pleased with the kit so far, and now it's time for the final step. The last brush claims it can stretch ten feet into your dryer duct and pull out even more lint.

"This ought to be interesting," predicts Rick once again.
We both notice the brush has a pretty flimsy plastic handle that doesn't exactly stay in place when you try to stretch it out.
"It's not that easy to push. It needs to be sturdier," says Rick.

Rick gets about halfway up the duct with the third brush. It did loosen up quite a bit of lint.  However, we still couldn't the brush to reach any further up the vent and that will affect Rick's final grade.

"The third brush knocked it down from an A to a B. If you're going to give me a ten foot cord and it only reaches 5 feet, then it's not an A," says Rick.
However, he still thinks this kit is worth your money.
"Twenty dollars is not to much compared to what you pay a handy man," he says.
I'm with Rick.  The 3 -piece Dryer Max Lint Removal kit is easy to use and it works pretty well. It gets a B on this Does it Work Wednesday test.
Next week, I retest the One Touch Can Opener.  Last week, it miserably failed after six of us tried to get it running.  I predicted we had a "dud" on our hands, and asked Heartland News viewers to email me if they have a One Touch that does work!  Several of you honored that request and I'll check it out next week.