Local hybrid owners happy with their cars

Local hybrid owners happy with their cars
By: Wes Wallace

Cape Girardeau, MO - With gas prices hovering between the $2.50-$3 range, anything to save gas and money helps tremendously. Right now, hybrid owners could save as much as half at the pump, since most models get twice as many miles to the gallon as regular vehicles.

"With the tax advantage, I got a new one for two thousand dollars out of pocket," says Bill Mallonee, who's on his second Prius Hybrid," After two years and 40,000 miles, I needed new tires, but decided to get a new car, because it wasn't that expensive."
Mallonee and his wife Shiela Pardee rack up the miles every year visiting family on both the East and West Coast. "It's great, I love the hybrid," says Shiela, "It actually helps bring our family together. We go to Colorado, Oregon, and New England, but otherwise we might night be able to afford the trip."
The most recent trip included 11,000 miles and a total of $700 on gas. Mallonee explains the Prius averaged around 48 miles a gallon.
The couple agrees it's not only great to save money, but also help the environment.
"We have a lot of clear blue skies in the Cape Girardeau area, but we shouldn't take that for granted," says Shiela, "We all need to do our part to help."
"Hybrids just aren't for people who drive long distances, they're for everyone who drives, because it's the car of the future, the near future," says Bill.
In fact, Bill's daughter made money buying a hybrid. With incentives where she lives in Colorado and federal tax breaks, she actually got a refund of a couple thousand dollars on her trade in.