Cairo gets jobs and a visit from Senator Barack Obama

Cairo gets jobs and a visit from Senator Barack Obama
By: Erica Byfield

Cairo, IL - In a time when some employers are pulling out of the Heartland, one local business just announced plans to add jobs, and they're coming to Cairo.

Monday morning marked the announcement of the Bunge corporation's expansion, but the jobs won't roll in to the heartland for at least a year. This announcement came along with a high power politician, Senator Barack Obama.
"For those of us concerned not only about the economy of southern Illinois and trying to create some independence from foreign oil," said Obama after he made the trek to Cairo to help the Bunge corporation announce plans to expand production in the biodiesel industry.
Bunge's going to work with an Iowa based company to convert heartland beans into fuel.
"This means more beans that we will process and more money we'll be pushing back to the farmers as we buy more and more farmers produce in the area instead of exporting," said Bunge North American CEO Carl Thausmann.
"It creates jobs, it creates bigger market for our farmers and over time it helps us to replace a little bit of the imported oil we're using so it's kind of a win-win all around," said Obama and adds this is only a first step to reviving Cairo.  He also restated his committed to rebuilding southern Illinois along with state and city leaders.
Thausmann said we can expect to see the jobs in about 15 months, first Bunge needs to build its new facility along the banks of the Mississippi River.
This wasn't Senator Obama's only stop in the heartland Monday he also held town hall meetings in Metropolis and Gallatin County.