To: Alicia Priest, Jackson

Dear Alicia,

Hope this letter finds you well. All on the home front is fine.

We think of you all the time, being half a world away, hoping for your safety. God willing, these turbulent times will be over soon.

We are ever so thankful for people like you defending our country. You can truly say you're one of the few, the proud....It makes up quite proud to see what you've done for yourself. Parenting is hard and you do a lot of hoping and praying that you do the right thing. You've shown us that we did. Even through the toughest of times, you've shown your strength. That is probably the greatest quality you can have. You've proven that a strong mind can get you anything. Remember boot camp?! One of the proudest moments of our life was to see you up on that stage at graduation.

We've heard from more than one veteran of UFW post 3838 who used to bounce you on their knee and watched you grow up that they are ever so proud of you. There was never a doubt in our minds that you would do well.

We all miss you and love you. All say hi. We know God is watching over you.

All our love,

Mom & Dad