Terror level raised: local affect

Terror level raised: local affect
By: CJ Cassidy
British authorities foil a terror plot they describe as a simultaneous attack on multiple targets, including US bound planes.
Officers in the UK have arrested more than 20 people in connection with the plan, and the US terror threat has been raised to orange.
Travelers in many major cities ran into delays and some were surprised at some carry on items now considered on the banned list.
At the Cape Girardeau airport, no bomb sniffing dogs, or lines of frustrated passengers.
Still airport security personnel say they treat the alerts very seriously, because there's no telling where terrorists could strike.
Most of the passengers seemed to take the changes in stride, but some were in for a bit of a shock.
Forget joking around about bombs in airports, as of Thursday you can't even have your perfume or hair gel with you when you board a flight.
One woman who came to see her daughter off, had other concerns on her mind.
"She has asthma, and carries a spray with her which she had to check," she said.
That, as a US Government ban now prevents passengers from carrying any liquids and gels aboard; the only exceptions: baby formula and medicines.
"Sure it's an inconvenience, but what choice do you have?" another passenger asked.
"it's taking a lot longer to board because people are going through bags, and throwing things out. But still, I'd rather better be safe than sorry," Rick Mcneely who just flew in from St. Louis said.
The same feelings were echoed by other travellers, like Sherry Maxwell.
"I'm glad I'm flying out of Cape, I feel safe here," she said.
Naturally, no one anticipated the shock that would come moments later.
Instead of taking off the runway into the skies, the plane Maxwell and her fellow passengers were on, taxied to a halt and they all filed off.
"One lady said what happened here? Everyone knew something wasn't quite right," Ken Ziegler who came off the plane, told Heartland News.
Turns out it wasn't a security breach, but engine trouble.
"Because it's a smaller regional airport, I didn't think it was anything to be really worried about," Ziegler said.
A good attitude, and something to keep in mind: every little delay and sudden stop doesn't necessarily mean there's something you should worry about.
And a bit of advice from passengers who've already been through the grind: check as much luggage as you can, and take as little on board with you as possible.