British police claim to foil massive terrorist plot

British police claim to foil massive terrorist plot
By: The Associated Press
London - Police in London have rounded up a number of suspects in what they say was a terrorist plot to blow up passengers jets on flights from Britain to the US.
There is no word on the identity of the suspects or the specific threat, but British officials say the arrests spring from a major covert counter-terrorist operation that's gone on for several months.
Britain's home secretary says the goal was to inflict "considerable loss of life."
A statement says the plot involved smuggling explosives onto aircraft in hand luggage. In response, security has been stepped up at British airports and additional measures have been put in place for all flights.
Britain's domestic security agency has raised the national threat level to critical, reflecting the possibility of an imminent terrorist attack.
British Airways is banning all carry-on luggage, advising passengers that they can carry only travel documents, eyeglasses and a handful of other specific items. No handbags.

US raises threat level for flights from Britain

The US government, responding to the discovery of an alleged terror plot in Britain, is raising the terror-threat level for flights to the US from Britain to code red.
That's the highest level and indicates a severe threat.
The government is also stepping up the general alert level for all flights within the US and flights entering the country to code orange. That's the second highest category.
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff says the US believes the arrests of suspects in a bomb plot in London have "significantly disrupted the threat."
But, he says the US can't be sure that the threat has been "completely thwarted." Chertoff says there is no indication of a plot within the US.
However, Chertoff says travelers can expect additional security measures at airports.
Britain says it's carried out a number of arrests in what it says was a terrorist plot to blow-up commercial passenger jets on flights to the US.