To: Laura Garcia, Jackson


I cannot tell you enough how proud I am of you. You have always been a hard-working, self-motivated, over-achiever. From Kindergarten through high school (achieving honor roll each quarter, winning many medals in track, and even running with a broken leg) and now serving in the military achieving rank below the zone. You are also a wonderful mother and wife. I realize everything is very difficult of you now with Ray being deployed but with your faith in God I know you will make it through this difficult time. I, like many mothers sometimes fail to tell our children just how important they are in our lives. Just know, Dad and I are always here for you and love you, Aaron Paul and Ray very much. I know I fought you very hard not to join the Air Force, but one of the proudest moments in my life was watching you graduate from boot camp. I think mainly because I realized at that point how strong your belief and love for God and Country was. Just as I know now you will do everything in your power to help your country through this terrible time. I know there are days when you are feeling the extreme pressures of being Mom and soldier. But, you are a very strong person and you will prevail. Just stay focused on the day all of this will be over and Ray will return safely home. Again, I am very proud of all your accomplishments and I am sure you will accomplish the tasks ahead of you yet. I love you very much and miss having you here with me, but the bond between Mother and Daughter cannot be broken by miles or war. Stay safe and hopefully I will see you soon. Kiss the baby for me.

Love you dearly,



I hope you are safe and warm wherever you are. I never had a son but I do consider you as my son. We all miss you very much. Aaron is growing by leaps and bounds. Laura called and said he said 'Da Da' today. I know you are worried he will forget you but rest assured he will never forget his Daddy. Laura talks to him about you and shows him your picture. She also keeps a journal of each day. I am very proud of you for serving you country. I only wish all of this were over and you were home with your family. I cannon imagine what you are going through, being trained as a firefighter and now to be a soldier with a gun protecting our freedoms and safety. I have no doubt you will fulfill the task as you have always done. Try not to worry about Laura and Aaron, Dad and I will do our best to watch out for them. We love and miss you very much. Keep your faith in God, keep your head down, and keep your spirits high and I know God will return you safely home. Love and miss you.

Mom Debbie