Large group in Oran looking for middle ground

Large group in Oran looking for middle ground
By; Ryan Tate
Oran, MO - More than 100 people met in front of the Oran City Hall Tuesday Night to "make a statement" about the current state of affairs in town.
Jeryl Slinkard helped organize the event.  He says it has been in the works for the past 1 to 2 months.
He says the purpose of the meeting is to get the town together and get over the issues with the city council and Police Chief Marc Tragasser.
Tragasser took the job last year, and began writing numerous tickets for law violations that the previous Chief did not write tickets for. 
The event included a candlelight vigil, prayer, singing of hymns, and the pledge of allegiance. 
The organizers do not know if another vigil will be held in the future.