Law enforcement seeks suspect in 10 break-ins

Law enforcement seeks suspect in 10 break-ins
By: Erica Byfield

Marshall County, KY - Someone's breaking into businesses in Marshall County.  From the looks of it, this burglar knows these stores and shops inside and out.

They came through the back door right there," said Lacey's Family Restaurant owner Linda Lacey.  A door Lacey said most people don't even know exists because it's hidden at the back of a junk closest. 
"That's another reason that I think it was someone who was familiar with our way of business," said Lacey and adds before the theft Lacey used to leave about a weeks worth of cash back here to minimize trips to the bank, "I would almost think someone had to work here."
She's not the only one in Marshall County questioning staff, in the last few weeks this lake side county community's had quite a few burglaries.
All with very similar circumstances: one, they all happened in the middle of the night.  Two, the bulk happened along this stretch of main street and three the thieves all went after cash and cigarettes.
Tracey Watwood with the Benton Police Department said on Monday afternoon they're questioning a suspect, "it's a big break, and hopefully it's going to solve a lot of burglaries in this community."
But, it's a break that's not big enough for business owners like Linda Lacey, since she's out more five thousand dollars.
"I don't know where the police were, I don't know what they were doing, but they sure weren't patrolling this street," said Lacey. 
The police arrested the suspect on other charges on Sunday morning.  He's currently the Marshall County Jail.
Yet since he's arrest someone broke into another county business in Draffenville.