Freedom Over Fear

"They that can give up essential liberty to

obtain a little temporary safety

 deserve neither liberty nor safety."

~Benjamin Franklin 

 It is not my place nor any individuals place to dictate to another human being what steps they have the right to take governing the safety of them and their families. These are just my feelings on the issue of terrorism and the US Mail, from a proud employee of the US Postal service and proud member of the American Postal Workers' Union.
  The ideal of a US Postal Service was founded by Benjamin Franklin so many years ago. It is an institution of time-honored tradition and an invaluable service to the public. This institution has not been spared from the filthy touch of those who hate my country, individual freedom and the quality of life our young men and women have died to protect.
  These terrorist acts using anthrax in our mail system are not intended to create massive numbers of death. They are committed in the hopes of making each American afraid to carry on with their lives. They are designed to create fear and distrust of the laws and institutions which symbolize American freedom.
  I refuse to let my enemies win. Daily I go to work and I do my job very well, knowing that the enemy is out there and I know what he is trying to do. It is my job and responsibility to serve the public in getting the mail to its destination on time. Nothing has changed that and I will not allow the enemy to change that. The Postmaster General has stated that he cannot guarantee the safety of the mail against the terrorist threat. This is a message to me that there is reason for caution and I see my fellow workers on the floor taking that caution, while standing firm and doing what they do best. We have been put in a position where caution must and is being taken. At the same time, I witness my fellow workers carrying on with their jobs and lives, refusing to stop being free Americans because of fear. 
 I refuse to be afraid to step onto an airplane, go to the mall, do my job, open my mail or speak out against hatred. I refuse to lose sight of what being an American means.
~Vern Davidson
Solidarity Officer
APWU Local 4088
PO Box 001
Cape Girardeau, MO 63702