Pool hall stabbings investigated

Pool hall stabbings investigated
By: CJ Cassidy

Fredericktown, MO - A squabble over a game of pool lands a Ste. Genevieve man behind bars, accused of stabbing three men at a bar.

It happened Monday night. On Wednesday, two of the three victims were still in critical condition.

Police say it started over an argument over who was next in line to play pool.

It may sound silly, but now members of two families want to know why the bar owner didn't call police immediately.

"My son was playing pool, he come up and shoved my son same time he shoved him he stabbed my son," Sheila Crawford says. She claims the suspect, Isaac Bates, didn't stop there.

She says he then turned on her, and that's when David Bain came to her rescue.

"The other victim got stabbed eight times trying to protect me," Crawford says.

It all happened at Modern Day Veterans, just around the corner from the police department. But it's what happened next that has victims family members even more upset.

"I was hollering call an ambulance, call the cops call somebody. They're just standing there looking at me like I was stupid. the bar owner even looked at me like I was stupid," Crawford says.

"The law says that in the event something starts to happen in an establishment the manager, the owner or whoever is in charge is supposed to notify law enforcement immediately," Chief Keith DeSpain with the Fredericktown Police Department says.

"If they had called the police, when the first person was stabbed, my husband would never have been stabbed," Amanda Bain says.

She's just glad her husband survived the brutal attack.

"He got stabbed in the heart, they had to do open heart surgery, and he got stabbed in the lung and couldn't breath afterwards,' Bain says.

Witnesses say Modern Day employees finally called police about an hour after the attack. For David Bain's wife, a call that was an hour too late.

"If they can't control people in their establishment they don't need to have one," Bain says.

Police say they plan on speaking with city leaders to figure out what type of action if any, they need to take against the bar owner for not acting immediately.

The owner of the bar did not return my calls.

Isaac Bates faces several counts of first degree assault and armed criminal action.

A third man injured in the attack is said to be doing fine.