Shed Ender

Does it Work Wednesday
Shed Ender
By: Lauren Keith
Makers of the Shed Ender say it's changing the way people groom their pets, but will Debbie Drew toss her old grooming tools aside for this one?
"If the cats like it, they're going to hold still longer for you. It's important they like it," says Drew.
Debbie is the president of Sundog Animal Sanctuary in Bloomfield. She says Joey is the best behaved cat out of the 98 - that's right, 98 - up for adoption here.
First, she uses her favorite brush on one side of Joey. It pulls out some of the deshedding hair.  Then, she uses the Shed Ender.
"It kind of pulls, doesn't it, Joey?" she remarks.
However, once Joey got used to the Shed Ender, he laid down, almost asking for more!
"He's purring!" I noticed.
So, Joey seems to really like the Shed Ender, and we like the results, so far.
"See here, it already got more than the other brush," notes Debbie.
Debbie and I decide to use the Shed Ender on another cat. Milo is a bit more rambunctious than Joey. This is all the hair we could get out of the regular brush, but we brushed out three times more using the Shed Ender!
The Shed Ender also claims it works on all breeds of dogs.  We used it on Buddy, a golden Labrador retriever.  The Shed Ender pulled out lots of deshedding hair on Buddy's coat.  The directions tell us to use the Shed Ender in the same direction of the hair growth, and not to use it on matted or tangled hair. We don't find any of that on Joey, but both Debbie and I think it'll take a long time to use this small tool on big dogs.
"It was too little for Buddy. He needs a bigger one for that. I use a very wide brush on him normally.  I don't even know if Buddy was aware he was being combed," said Debbie. 
Inside the Shed Ender package, you'll find a mail-in offer for a bigger Shed Ender tool.  So, if you have cats or small dogs, we think the Shed Ender you'll find in stores, just might work for you. It certainly pulled out more shedding hair than Debbie's other brushes, but you'll definitely need a wider shed ender for bigger dogs.
"I'd say it's average, maybe even a little above average. It worked really well on the cats," said Debbie.
With that in mind, I give the $10 Shed Ender a  B-.  Next week on Does it Work Wednesday, I'll test the One Touch Can Opener that so many of you have emailed me about.