Bank robbery suspect may be a gambler

Bank robbery suspect may be a gambler
By: Erica Byfield

Massac County, IL - There's still no word on who robbed the Regions Bank in Lone Oak.

But, since she could be behind at least 10 others hold ups in three states detectives think he displays a "high rolling" pattern.  Most of the banks he's robbed have casinos nearby.
For some people it's the glitz and glam that draws them to a casino and for others it's the belief that today's their lucky day.
Detective Jim Smith says this bank robber could be in the same boat, he may be addicted to gambling!
There are two reasons.  One, he committed 11 robberies in two months and from his physical stature it doesn't appear to be addicted to drugs.  Two, location, location, location. 
"We feel that this maybe a possibility because of the location of the banks that are being robbed in location of gambling establishments," said Smith. 
It's believed he held up two banks in Louisville and two across the river in New Albany Indiana, which happens to be near Caesar's River Boat Casino.
Owensboro is 38 miles away from Casino Aztar and Harrah's in Metropolis is a ten minute drive from Lone Oak.
"I don't think the general public would be looking for a bank robber in a casino," said Doctor Yvonne Rath the Executive Director at Massac Mental Health
"There's a high that gambling gives people and when those endorphins fit in, when they hit the brain it makes us feel so good," added Rath. 
During her 25 years of practice she seen an increase in a gambling addicts, and admits the Detective Smith may be on to something since compulsive gamblers have an overwhelming need for green.
All three of the casinos in question have pictures of the robber and are aware he may have an addiction.