Trendy fashions cut from some dress codes

Trendy fashions cut from some dress codes
By: Arnold Wyrick
It's back to school time for thousand of students across the Heartland.  And that means it's time for parents to dig deep into their pockets for back to school fashions. 
But before you drop a ton of cash for the latest trends, you might want to check with your school for any changes in the dress code.
Teachers at Bethel Grade School in Jefferson County are already preparing their classrooms for the upcoming school year.  The Superintendent Matt Renaud says students need to be prepared for some changes in what they can, and can not wear to school.
"Student piercing's, anything deemed distractive to the classroom or unsafe will not be allowed.  No more midriff tops, or short shorts for girls.  And no pajama pants or slippers are to be worn to school," Superintendent Renaud said.
The changes are designed to make the school environment more productive for everyone involved.
"I think it will limit the number of distractions, and allow us as educators to maximize the time we have on task with students.  And that's our ultimate goal.  The more time we can spend on task, the more students learn," Renaud said.
Still the superintendent is prepared for any students who may test the new dress code.  And he says it will be strictly enforced.
"Students that violate the dress code will be escorted to the office.  We'' contact parents, parents will be required to bring cloths to school.  If that's not possible then we'll try to give them something else to wear from the school locker."
Parents will be informed of the new changes to the schools dress code during registration days scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.  And Superintendent Renaud will meet with any concerned parent at the end of each day to discuss their concerns.
School starts at Bethel Grade School on August 15th.