MSU Drum Corp Members Tour Through Murray

MSU Drum Corps Members Tour Through Murray
By: Wes Wallace

MURRAY, KY --It's a summer long tour of music and marching, but it's not like any halftime show you'll ever see.  Earlier this week, The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corp stopped off for a few days to practice in Murray.
Conveniently enough, two of the members call Murray home during the school year.
"It's awesome to be here, the weather's great, I know the area, so I know the good spots for lunch,'  says percussionist Joe Hobbs.   MSU student the rest of the year, Hobbs drums up some fun performing and playing snare with the all male ensemble.
"You get to travel a lot, and I really enjoy that part,"  says Hobbs.  The Cavaliers are on the way to a show in Cookeville, Tennessee, but spent a few days in Murray to practice and rest up in between performances.
"We're using the music of Wynton Marsalis and Marco Beltrame, it's called Machine,"  explains MSU student and Cavalier Brett White.  Kinda appropriate since the Cavies are known as the "Green Machine".
Even though the weather for practice was a little windy, it's much cooler and less humid than when the corp rehearsed and performed in Texas last week.
"It's not bad here really, we were in Nebraska and it was like over 100 degrees, so being in the 90's here is really nice,"  says White during a water break.
While the stopover in Murray is nice for the two Racers, Rick White explains it's a good change of pace for the summer, "The escape of getting away to play drums for a few months, and not worry about school, work, or money, it's fun."
So far, the Cavaliers have posted the highest score of the summer.   The Drum Corps International World Championships are set for early August in Madison, Wisconsin.