Vandals strike downtown Mounds

Vandals strike downtown Mounds
By: Carly O'Keefe
Mounds, IL - Tuesday night, vandals hit five businesses in downtown Mounds. One man was sent to the hospital when a rock was thrown through his windshield as he was driving through town.
Police Chief Harold Richardson says he believes troubled teens are rebelling against Mounds Police Department writing more loitering and curfew tickets. Earlier this week, vandals threw a rock through a police cruiser's rear window with two officers inside.
Tuesday night those sworn to serve and protect were not the target; but rather businesses that serve the community in another way.
"We do a lot of burger business, and a lot of ice cream business, we serve a lot of people, and then this is what happens to us," said Debbie Pitcher, owner of the Lunch Box Café.
Inside the Lunch Box, employees prepared food at they do every day, with a smile. But knowing vandals could visit the tiny restaurant again Wednesday night made their tempers as hot as the griddle.
"It started about a week and a half ago, they broke out all the lights and that was the first time, and then a couple days later they did it again, and then three days ago, they got into my walk in, my ice chest," said Pitcher.
Wednesday morning, Pitcher came into work to find a window broken and the front door damaged.
"I feel like just boarding up the windows and walking away from it, if I could afford to do that," said Pitcher.
Fed up with fixing the windows, Fitzgerald's wrecking service looks like it's trying to weather a storm. All of its windows are boarded up. Vandals broke only two of them Tuesday night.
"I boarded up the other two. so they wouldn't knock them out until we get this cleared up," said owner Greg Fitzgerald.
Fitzgerald isn't alone in hoping the destruction ends, soon.
"We got windows broken out, next door had windows broke out, across the street, windows broke out, library, broke out. It's for no reason," said Fitzgerald.
Unfortunately, all Fitzgerald and others can do is go on, business as usual, and hope vandals don't strike again.
"We come in here every day to serve the people of Mounds, and then this is how we get treated, we get brought down," said Pitcher.