Caruthersville school leaders prepare for new year

Caruthersville school leaders prepare for new year
By: Ryan Tate
Caruthersville, MO - Superintendent Nick Thiele recommended to the school board to start the upcoming school year after Labor Day, two weeks after the scheduled date of August 17th. Thiele says this will give teachers and administrators the chance to be as "prepared as possible for the new year," Thiele said.
"It has been a hectic summer," Thiele said. "This has not been much of a summer vacation."
A devastating F-3 tornado destroyed at least 60% of Caruthersville and damaged the high school, administrative building and the middle school back on April 2nd.  For this year, the high school students will attend classes in modular buildings.  The district got the buildings from Cypress School District in Illinois.  Cypress school was damaged after a tornado destroyed parts of it back in 2002.
Twenty-four modular buildings will house the High School for at least two years and possibly a third year, while the district, and the city, decides what should be done with the damaged high school building.  Thiele says most of the town gives him the impression that a new one should be built.  So far, the insurance company has not finished their assessment of the structure, damaged in the April tornado.