Teen Driving, Drives Parents In Circles

Slow it down! Watch out! Just pull over! If you've got your driver's license, you've either yelled or heard those words yelled at you! Getting that license to drive is a rite of passage for teenagers. For their parents, it's a crash course in insanity!

I'm that road right now! My sister and her three cousins just got their permits. For 20 hours over the course of 6 months, their parents and I ride along in the passenger seat. This summer, we're finding out the family that learns to drive together, gets driven crazy, together.

Four pedal happy teenagers! My sister Bre'onne, "I have a heavy foot!"

Brandon Bell, "When Ii get out there, I won't have my mom with me."

Syblings, Chris and Amber Blissett," I don't like driving, first of all! I thought I'd wait on him to get his."

All are armed with their driver's permit.

Then there are three very nervous adults....Flo Blissett, Ora Bell, and me, armed with the power of prayer.

I find that i spend 90% of the time fussing at my kids about their driving. Slow down! You're going too fast!", explained Blissett.

"Nerve wrecking! It's just terrible cause she always tells you what to do and just get you scared," said Chris.

Statistics prove that repetitive coaching, and that time with us in the front seat reduces deadly crashes involving teens like ours. The rate goes down about 11 percent. Want to help teen be a safe driver, here are some tips:

Be a winning coach, motive them!

Looking for a car: make it old, solid, and bold.

Less is more: teens plus teens, equals disaster.

Make time: driving requires commitment and discipline..from both.

Tell your kids to buckle up or walk. When they have kids they'll understand.