Thebes politicians hoping to get citizens involved

Thebes politicians hoping to get citizens involved
By: Ryan Tate
Thebes, IL - Thebes Mayor Anthony Scott Bomar says he became frustrated with the lack of support from the village board and the people in town, so he decided to resign three weeks ago.  Now he is having a change of heart.
"After I announced my resignation, I found out people care," Bomar said.
A petition is circulating Thebes hoping to encourage Bomar to stay on.  So far, 95 people have signed it. That is a lot considering just over 60 people elected him as Mayor back in 2005.
Board Member J. B. Sissom agrees there is little support in town for the Board.
"Some care, some do not," Bomar said. "Not a lot of people show up because they're not interested."
"I believe it's their civic duty to come to board meetings and hold their elected officials accountable," Bomar said.
The Mayor and most of the Board does not get along.  When Bomar announced his resignation, the Board decided to make fellow member Bill McHughs as the new Mayor.  No word yet on who officially is Mayor of Thebes.