Bizarre hit and run accident remains unsolved

Bizarre hit and run accident remains unsolved
By: CJ Cassidy
Charleston, MO - A Charleston man wakes up to a nightmare, after a bizarre accident leaves him with some very serious injuries.
Charleston Police call it a hit and run, but the victim says he's still a little confused about how he ended up in a hospital bed.
The victim, William Eddie Golightly, admits to having had one too many drinks the night the accident happened.
He realizes he's partly to blame for ending up where he is today, but he doesn't want police to forget there's someone else out there who committed a serious crime.
"They're telling me I probably won't walk for at least a year," Eddie Golightly says reclining in his bed. His world's shrunk considerably since his accident.
He now uses a wheelchair to move around, and keeps a TV close at hand to keep his mind off his personal tragedy.
"I shouldn't have been drinking. I was drunk probably, but whoever did this should have stopped," he says.
Police found Golightly on the side of a curb the morning of July 2nd. They say his injuries indicated he was the victim of a hit and run accident. While Chief Paul Johnson does not have any suspects yet, he believes he may have an explanation for what might have happened. He says his officers have found Golightly in the very same spot before, passed out after a night of drinking with his legs stretched out off the curb.
"I don't recall that, but they may have picked me up and down there before," Golightly says. He admits to having a drinking problem, but hopes police don't forget about his case.
"I just want to know they're investigating it," he says.
Chief Johnson says investigators are working on the case, and waiting to find out how high Golightly's blood alcohol content was, the night of the accident.
On a side note, doctors say it's possible Golightly was struck by a car, but can't confirm his injuries were caused by a vehicle.
If you have any information you think might help call the Charleston Police Department at (573) 683-3737.