Missing Wayne County, Missouri Woman

Missing Wayne County, Missouri Woman
By: CJ Cassidy

PIEDMONT, MO --How would you feel if your loved one disappeared with out a trace?  Family members of a missing Southeast Missouri woman say it's agonizing.
Vicki Sue Lour's family reported her missing on the 13th of July, but family members told investigators in Wayne County, Missouri they last saw the 36-year-old on the 3rd of June.
Sheriff Phillip Burton says Lour was supposed to have been travelling from her home just outside Piedmont, with her boyfriend, to Poplar Bluff and Arkansas.
Now the sheriff wants to speak with Lour's boyfriend, Steven Huffman, because he might help explain where Lour might be.  So far, police have not been able to track Huffman down.
Sheriff Burton says this is still considered a missing person case, and even though they haven't ruled out foul play, Huffman is not a suspect.
Huffman is from Morriston, Arkansas, but police say he also has a home in Butler County.
Meanwhile, Lour's father, Fred Meinhardt, says he's been trapped in a nightmare he can't seem to wake up from, ever since his daughter disappeared.
"She's always done what she wanted to do, but she always managed to call me at least once a week. It's now going on seven weeks and I've not heard anything from her," he says.
Meinhardt also has questions about Huffman.
"He told me he took her to Poplar Bluff and put her in a rehab center first," he recalls.
Meinhardt says his daughter struggled with drug addictions for years brought on by her medical problems.
So he believed she may have gone into rehab; until he heard another story, Huffman allegedly told.
"He told my granddaughter the other night he didn't put her in a rehab center, that she was supposed to sign herself in," he says.
Now while he waits anxiously for Huffman to come forward and speak with police, Meinhardt counts on family members to do their part and post fliers around town, asking for your help.
"I'm just hoping they find her and she's alright," he says tiredly.
The Sheriff believes the couple may have been travelling in a maroon or red Buick Century with Arkansas plates 768 IGW.
Please call investigators at (573) 224-3319, if you have any information that might help.