Working out & sweating it out

Working out & sweating it out
By: Wes Wallace
Cape Girardeau, MO - With the oppressive heat and humidity, it's just too miserable to be out and about, especially during the late afternoon.  Although if you take a look around, you'll still find people out for a run or exercising.  Why?   Good question.
"I work a split shift and I want to get my workout in, now's the only time to do it,"  says Rebecca Martin.
We caught up with her around three o'clock while she was out for a brisk walk.  She adds, "I have good endurance, but I could not make it very long jogging, and I do track here at Southeast, so I though it I could do it, but it's tough."
Further down Capaha Trail, we run into Brent Humphries, who just finished up a run of his own, "I only saw about 3-4 people the whole trail."
It's no surprise Humphries didn't see many people out on his run Wednesday afternoon.  It's too hot for most people.  He explains why he's exercising during the hottest part of the day, "My hopes are to leave for boot camp around September so I have time to get ready for the running I'm gonna have to do there, gotta get ready for that."
That's why most people choose to sweat in the sweltering heat - endurance training.
"To get ready for a marathon or a race, that's why there out there, but if they are out there now in this heat, they need to drink plenty of water,"  advises Stacey Ellis, a personal trainer at HealthPoint.   She says if you need to workout in this heat, do it inside,"We'd rather you be here inside rather than outside and if you do it outdoors anyway, make sure it's in the early morning or late evenings."
While it may benefit endurance, working out in extreme heat can also be harmful and you'll quickly dehydrate.  Stacey Ellis recommends drinking 6 to 8 ounces of water every 30 minutes, and says to drink up before you start sweating.