Homeland Security takes over the Delta Queen riverboat

Homeland Security takes over the Delta Queen riverboat
By: Erica Byfield
Paducah, KY - We sometimes think, "it could never happen here."
But with so many waterways in the Heartland, law enforcement agencies aren't taking any chances.
That's why leaders from all ranks anchored on Paducah's riverfront for a homeland security drill.
Talk about a good seat.
"It's just neat to see all these different agencies working together as a team," said Springfield, Missouri Native Pat Compton. 
When she and her husband Jerry signed up to cruise the Ohio River, these Missourians did not figure, they would see movie like action in Paducah.
"As I understand it, they used to not coordinate as well," said Jerry.
He is correct, that is the ever reason these leaders wanted to test their skills.
"In the past it was always been everybody knew their responsibility and they just took care of it separately," said Assistant Chief Danny Carroll.
According to the federal government times have changed, since September 11th it wants reassurance that the police, coast guard, army etc. can work together productively.
"They don't want to give us the money to buy these things, to buy all the equipment that we need, they wanted us to be able to use them," said Carroll.
With a potential bomb on the delta queen leaders sent a robot to retrieve it.
"We're trying to make this as really as it can possibly be," added US Coast Guard Lt. Ken Hines.
So real, we were told our camera could not shoot some covert actions, and on lookers like Jerry and Pat Compton had to stay behind the flood wall.
Something this couple said they will gladly do in the name of homeland security, "I think we have good guys to save us and to keep us safe," mentioned Pat.