Avon Instant Manicure

Does it Work Wednesday
Avon Instant Manicure
By: Lauren Keith
Avon says you'll never need nail polish, from a bottle, after you try the new Instant Manicure. It's basically "dry" nail enamel that works like a sticker, but does it really work?Avon calls it a revolution at your fingertips. No smudges, no waiting, all because this nail enamel goes on dry. It even smells like nail polish!
Several Heartland News viewers asked me to try this Avon product and also requested we use it on women who are pretty active, like Jamie Eftink. She shoots commercials for KFVS Creative Services, which means she works with heavy equipment, often chipping her polished nails.
"I can't keep nails let alone polish," Jamie admits.
I also enlisted Leah Schnare to don the dry enamel strips as she busily pots plants, even unloading trucks at Sunny Hill Garden Center. Avon gives you eight sizes to choose from for one hand, so something should fit. You smooth it on, make a perforated edge on your nail tip, and rip it off!
"Less mess, you don't have to bother with cotton swabs trying to et the excess off my fingers, a little space in between some, but unless you look closely you won't notice," says Jamie.
"It's a lot easier than painting my nails. I always have a lot of problems doing my right-hand. I'm right-handed. This is much easier," said Leah. 
I think this is also impressive. If you have some excess, you just peel it off and the enamel stays right in place.  Both ladies and I like the Instant Manicue so far. Now, they'll test its durability. Avon claims in bold print its product will give you up to 14 days of shiny color and perfect finish.  Good news is, the strips are waterproof. They held up well while Leah used a high-pressured hose.
However, both Leah and Jamie called me exactly one week later saying they didn't want to wear the nails any longer..
"They've started chipping and I can't touch them up," said Jamie.
"It doesn't look good right now. I didn't expect them to last 14 days," said Leah.
So, here's both womens' nails "before" and after one week of wear and tear. Both say the $8 price tag is cheaper than going to the salon, but more expensive than a regular bottle of nail polish. So, they're taking that into account in their final grade.
"I'd say it's great for special occasions, but for everyday wear, I don't think it's worth it because I'd rather paint my nails so Ii can touch them up," said Jamie.
"The biggest advantage is how easy it is. I didn't have to wait for them to dry," said Leah.
To remove the nails, you simply use polish remover just like normal.  So, what is their final opinion?
"C or C+," said Jamie.
"I'd give it a B," said Leah.
So, the average between those and the final grade is a B-.  Keep in mind these women are pretty active, so if you don't use your hands as much, the Avon Instant Manicure strips might work better for you.
Next week on Does it Work Wednesday, I'll test the Auto Cool solar-powered car fan.  Tune in on the Breakfast Show or at 10 pm each Wednesday for our Does it Work tests.