Cool down in cooling centers

Cool down in cooling centers
By: Arnold Wyrick
As the thermometer continues to hover around the triple digit mark, Governor Rod Blagojevich ordered all Department of Human Services office lobbies to become official cooling centers.
For some Illinoisan the heat and humidity are taking a toll on their stamina.
"The heats pretty good, the humidity is pretty bad.  And my age isn't taking it as well as I used to when I was younger.  So it's pretty tough right now," says John Fulmer of Murphysboro.
So tough that at a hundred degrees at 12:15 on Monday afternoon even the flowers were wilting on the vine.
At the Department of Human Services office in Murphysboro the seats in the lobby were virtually empty of people seeking relief from the heat.  But there were a few people seeking assistance for other matters.
The office administrator wants to remind anyone who may come into escape the heat, that it is an office.
"It is an office we have no types of activities or entertainment available for the children.  We just expect them to come in and stay cool, and seated.  So we can continue our operations as usual," says Cindy Canning.
"I think it is vital that we are local.  And that if someone doesn't have a way to get to a mall or some other place, that we are here for them."
The cooling centers will be open during regular business hours, Monday through Friday.