National Ice Cream Day

National Ice Cream Day
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO --Some people decided to beat the heat Sunday by jumping a pool, or even staying inside in the the air conditioning.  Others went out and got some ice cream.  And believe it or not, today is National Ice Cream Day.

President Ronald Reagan designated July National Ice Cream month back in 1984, and proclaimed the third Sunday of July, National Ice Cream Day.
So just how many folks across the Heartland realized the significance of the day?
Hardly anyone knew the historical significance of the day itself, but many thought it was a great way to beat the heat.
Of course most folks were more than happy to do their civic duty, and dig in.
Dennis Hinkle and his wife, didn't realize Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, but did know bringing their young children to an ice cream shop, would buy them some precious moments of peace.
Of course the rich, creamy stuff appeals to the young at heart too. That's how the US ice cream industry rakes in more than $21-billion in annual sales.
"I have the Cappucino Hazelnut and Chocolate Peanut Butter. I like the different flavors you don't get every place," Lisa Dambach says as she tries the frozen treat.
"I had the bananas foster which reminds me of banana cream pie," Dennis Hinkle says.
"We try to eat healthy and low fat and ice cream doesn't fit into that category so we use it as a special occasion," Dambach points out.
That's got to be tough to remember if you work in an ice cream store, unless you're somewhat of an oddity, like Terrance McKein.
"I'm not a fan of ice cream so I don't have to worry about ballooning up more than I already am," he jokes, but adds he's sampled all the flavors so he can tell customers which ones to pick.
But customers like three year old Maggie Hinkle aren't worried about calories. Her heart along with her ice cream melts, for her little brother.
"He's not big enough to eat ice cream," she says sadly.
Here's another interesting tidbit. Despite all those flavors out there, old fashioned basics like vanilla, strawberry and chocolate are still among the most popular.

The International Ice Cream Association says by eating the frozen treat, you help keep thousands of dairy farmers across the country in business.