The Tin Man

The Tin Man
By: Wes Wallace

With Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion, a half dozen Munchkins, and little Toto too, the Cape Girardeau Keyboards and Kindermusic production of 'The Wizard of Oz' doesn't miss a beat.
"We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of oz", sings the group.
Dorothy helps the Tin Man with a can of oil, but as the story goes, he needs more than just a squirt.
Gabriel Ellinghouse sings his heart out about missing that vital organ, "If I only had a heart!"
Only the 7-year old doesn't need to act.  "I only have half a heart, but it works," explains Gabriel," And the doctor said I would die but I didn't."
We first brought you Gabriel's story back in January of 2002.  Then, at just two and a half years old, Gabriel already underwent three open heart surgeries, one closed heart operation, and nine heart catheterizations.  All because he was born with a rare condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome....meaning the left side of his heart was too small to work properly.
His mother Claire said she had to choke back tears when he told her he wanted to be the tin man.
If you ask Gabriel, he'll tell you it's all pretty cool, and you can tell just by the look on his face while he performs, "I hear a beat, how sweet!"
You can catch the final performance of the show Monday at 2:00pm at the Lutheran Home in Cape Girardeau.