Another Heartland restaurant snuffs out smoking

Another Heartland restaurant snuffs out smoking
By: Erica Byfield

Benton, KY - The smoking debate is making headlines all across the heartland!

In the midst of the haze, yet another business decides to voluntarily throw out the ashtrays.
Benton, Kentucky is the home of Hutchen's Barbeque; where just about every face you see is probably a "regular". 
"I come here about 2 or 3 times a week," said Patrick Boaz. 
"Couple times a week," said Joe Thorn of Marshall County. 
In recent weeks the air's changed at Hutchen's: new owners and new sign with a special greeting "Hutchens is now non-smoking."
The owners son Nathan said, "our community wanted it, and we wanted it."
This the second time around for Nathan's parents to own the restaurant, they gave it up 6 years ago to raise kids; and got it back July 10the.
"We've had a few turn away but for the most part we've gotten new business," said Nathan. 
Hutchen's has permanently ditched its smoking past, "ashtrays... oh we threw those out," added Nathan. 
"I never liked smoke anyway and it's nice," said Audrey Hall who eats breakfast here every morning with her husband.  
Hutchens opened in the 1947 as a smokers delight, and in 2006 times have changed.  Cigarettes are "out" but good old country cooking will always be "in". 
"They like the food so if they have to do without their cigarettes, they'll still come eat," said Hall.