Man struck by lightning lives to tell his story

Tim Luttrull
Tim Luttrull
Man struck by lightning lives to tell his story
By: Tiffany Sisson
Lightning struck so fast, Tim Luttrull didn't know what hit him. Sparks brought the Jackson man to his knees. Now, friends and family are in state of shock that he's even alive to tell his story. Wednesday, the threat of lightning struck Luttrull hard, knocking him off his feet, landing in this hospital bed.
Luttrull was working at a construction site in Jackson when storms started popping. He was leaning against a metal trailer when, he says, lightning hit a utility pole, ricocheted off of a tree, sending a surge of powerful electricity through the ground, then, firing throughout his body. "I remember looking up, I had my hand on the trailer, looking up, watching the lightning hit the pole. it was a real bright flash and felt something go through my arm and a big impact and my ribs like somebody kicked me in the ribs hard, sledgehammer to the ribs," said Luttrull.
Luttrull does not remember anything after that. Heartland News caught up with three sisters, Whitney, Brooklyn, and Erin Lunsford, who remember everything. For the three girls, those frightening moments are now a painful part of their memory.
"The sky lit up," exclaimed Brookyln Lunsford.
'The light was so bright," said Whitney.
"There was lightning like everywhere," explained Erin.
"Sparks started flying," said Brooklyn.
"Then, we knew it was serious," exclaimed Whitney.
"I was right here, cause it wasn't touching the ground. He was over there touching the ground," said Brookyln.
"He always stands against the trailer," explained Erin.
"It hit the pole, and then it hit the tree," said Brookyln.
"From the tree, it came through the ground and got him," said Whitney.
Brookyln said, "Tim started shaking."
Erin explained," His eyes were completely white.".
"Oh, my goodness! Just seeing his face! I've never seen any body's eyes roll back in 2 seconds, and him just fall to the ground and shaking and having convulsions," said Brookyln.
"Extremely loud, like a gunshot," exclaimed Whitney.
"It sounded like a bomb go off," said Brooklyn.
"It sounded like a gun, and a bomb, and fireworks go off all at the same time," shouted Erin.
Brooklyn said, "That was the scariest thing I ever saw."
Luttrull was release from the hospital Thursday afternoon. He still has some twitching in his arm. Doctors tell him, long term, he could have some problems with memory loss and glaucoma.