Trash troubles pile up in the county after pick-up is canceled

Trash troubles pile up in the county after pick-up is canceled
By: Erica Byfield

Marshall County, KY - Most of us probably take trash pick up for granted. We fill up a bag, tie it, and set it on the sidewalk.

But, for folks in Marshall County it's not that easy, they have to haul and dump themselves.
Dick Sheets lives in the county; meaning, it's his duty to throw away any mess he makes. 
"It would be a lot better if we had the garbage people come to the house but they don't do that anymore," said Sheets. 
Not in the county, but trash trucks still run within the city limits of both Benton and Calvert City.
County residents have the option of hauling waste to 10 locations.
Jack Clark is the county refuse supervisor, "This is the best county, I think, and I love it."
And he's spent years in the trash industry and witnessed all the ups and downs of this system.
Downs being the stinky mess some folks leave behind.
"Garbage that's not pretty to start with and you put it on the ground and it does look bad," said Clark. 
So, he's pleading for help.
"Try to get it in box; it makes everything so much better," said Clark. 
Some people find the system useful.
"It works pretty well," said Jeff Jones. 
Door to door pick up in the county is out, so Jack Clark hopes everyone who uses the dump stations figure out how to the trash in.
The central dump station you saw in the video is open almost every day of the year; it's closed for Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years day.