Is dental bling bad for your teeth?

Is dental bling bad for your teeth?
By: Crystal Britt
Cape Girardeau, MO - You might remember a growing new trend we told you about earlier this summer...grillz. We're not talking about the grill on your car, or in your back yard...they're the ones that go on your teeth.
Well, the dental bling might not be so great for your pearly whites.
It's all about how you care for that bling.
Missouri's own rapper Nelly didn't sing about the dangers in his song about "Grillz".
The pearly white look is out and bling is definitely in. Nelly started it and the fad has taken off. "Grillz" or "Fronts" are removable dental fixtures that fit over the teeth and snap into place.
They're often made of precious metals like gold or silver. They range in price from $20 to thousands of dollars. But, what's the real price?
Dentists say if you're not careful, your teeth could pay a hefty one. "It's when they leave them in day in to day out, not cleaning around them which food collects which is a hot bed for bacteria", said David Kaelin, DMD, FACD-Kaelin Dental Group.
"You've got to brush your teeth everyday and clean them everyday. Every time you take them out you've got to clean them", said Antonio Long-Grill Wearer. Dentist say don't sleep in them. They're removable for a reason.
It's not just grillz though. Dentist say there's another hot new trend called "snap on veneers".
It's a look for anyone who's looking for a beautiful smile, quick and cheap. The same rules apply to those.