Buddy Check 12: New Hair

Buddy Check 12:  New Hair
By: Tiffany Sisson
This months Buddy Check 12 report focuses on something men and women can relate to, losing your hair. Chemotherapy can often rob a patient of their identity. But, Cathy Miskell is getting back what she lost, one strand at a time.
When we caught up with Miskell she was sporting what many of us often do when heading into the salon, a baseball cap! But, a messy head of hair underneath is not why Miskell has an appointment with stylist Jeana Weatherby. Miskell has no hair! "I've never been a real vain person, or I didn't think I was," said Miskell.
Miskell has breast cancer. Every three weeks, she's injected with chemicals that have made her hair fall out. "It just falls out, comes out in clumps. You begin to look like you're diseased in some way," explained Miskell.
It's a look that she was worried her husband would not go for. "My husband travels. My concern was that he would leave town to work, and he would come home, and I wouldn't have any hair. And, that's exactly what happened," said Miskell.
Miskell says she went in for a buzz cut, and came out with a new hair.
At the Mastectomy Boutique in Cape Girardeau, stylist work with breast cancer patients find a look. "I listen to what their needs are, what they're looking for, as far as color, if they want the same style," said hair stylist Jeanne Weatherby.
Miskell's always had short hair. "I was concerned about finding a wig I would feel good in," said Miskell.
Miskell eased into the transition, buying the wig, and getting tailored it to match her identity before losing her hair. "It boosts their self esteem to get something that matches them so they don't feel different," said Weatherby.
As for Miskell's husband, she said, "I don't think he's pretending that it doesn't matter to him. He says it'll grow back, and he's right, it will."
Many health insurance plans will cover all or part of the cost of a wig
Miskell admits she did not get a mammogram until she was forced to do so at age 46! As a part of buddy check 12, we at KFVS 12 and Southeast Hospital encourage you to find a partner and take charge, do those self exams every month, .and get yearly mammogram.